Many authors go to meet their young readers as part of an education programme at school. As for me, I prefer to share with them a creative moment outside of the classroom.

Because this corresponds to an interruption of our routines and those of children. Because, more than the transmission of knowledge, sharing one’s enthusiasm ranks first among my concerns, in my books and in life. Because to meet on a « neutral » ground makes for an equal encounter. Because this occasion allows for a mingling of age groups which is particularly congenial to creativity. Workshops where adults and children draw together are particularly interesting. Because it is important for parents to participate in the activities of their children.


This is why the workshops which I offer are meant to be organized in such places as book fairs, libraries, bookstores or any open location where children and adults can be together.

The financial conditions of these workshops are those recommended by the Charte des auteurs et illustrateurs jeunesse pour les rencontres scolaires.