Maximiam workshop

Making of a grey, black and fluorescent painting

Either individual painting / or large collective fresco
Based upon the album Maximiam, at l’école des loisirs.

- 1 round fine paint brush + 1 medium paint brush for each child
- 2 water pots for each child t
- 3 small cardboard plates for each child (to be used as palettes)
- for individual paintings: 1 large drawing sheet for each child (at least 180g/m2, ideal format: 42 x 60 cm ou A2) / for the collective fresco: large paper sheet, 42 x 5 metres
- white/black/fluorescent red (bengal or pomegranate) vinyl paint: 1 pot of each colour
- cloth (or wiping tissues)
- if possible: 1 apron for each child
Children from the age of 5 up
Duration of the workshop: 1 hour
Maximum number of participants: 15