Reciprocal portrait workshop

Animal portraits

For this workshop, it is important for there to be an even number of participants, preferably as many children as adults. Each child paints the portrait of an adult they know, while the adult paints the child. Should this not be the case, two children can possibly paint each other.

- 1 large black Prokey pointed felt pen for each participant
- 1 array of colour paints for every two participants to share (primary colours + black + white)
- 1 stack of A3 kraft paper / or 1 A3 drawing paper sheet for each participant
- 1 round medium brush for each participant (size 10-12)
- 1 water pot for each participant
- 1 cardboard plate for each participant (palette)
- cloth (or wiping tissues)
Adults / children from the age of 5 up
Duration of the workshop: around 1 hour
Maximum number of participants: 20