Dorothée de Monfreid is known for pushing the boundaries of the French literary world. Born in 1973, the writer and illustrator seeks to make genres more porous and refuses to be pigeonholed as an author of children’s books. She consistently prioritises the needs of her stories over the form of realisation, flip flopping between comics and picture books and often resorting to a blend of stylistic devices. The exhibition centres around what are probably her most successful creations: a pack of multicoloured dogs known as the “Toutous” (or “doggies”). Exhibits include colourful original pages from read-aloud comics, visual dictionaries, board books and unpublished comics.

Exhibition curated by Michael Groenewald

Eine Bande Bunte Hunde (Comic Salon, Erlangen)

Illustrations, comics and objects

Comic Salon Erlangen, Germany

Kunstverein – Neue Galerie
31 May to 3 June 2018