Travelling to the Country of Cakes

“We’ll come and get you when Steak is ready to receive you”.

Madeleine tried to get hold of herself, to summon up the courage to face an encounter with Steak. The guy must be dreadful, given the way in which his people talk about him. Real bullies, these – they look like ogres. Why did they seize her? Madeleine hardly dares imagining what they want with her.

She remembered their talk, their obscene laughter, their rude jokes. What was going to happen to her? Would she end in a pan like a carrot in the soup? Pealed and chopped? This was so terrifying that she broke down and sobbed. Cried. Wept. Until she had no strength at all left in her.

Release date: 2009
Publishing House: l’école des loisirs
Collection: Neuf
Starting from 7 years old
Out of print